SaaS ranking high on IT strategists’ agenda

If you manage IT, you’re already aware that SaaS can become a huge competitive advantage.

Software as a service (SaaS) rocks for lots of people but especially those who are somewhat allergic to costly software that generally impedes with the “modern” tech lifestyle were, among other things, several computers and platforms are used to access information and get the work done.

Throw online social networking, web-based intelligence gathering and “always on” high-speed net access to the mix and SaaS becomes even more relevant for smart IT strategists who tend to think “outside” their comparatively limited corporate realm.

So, why is SaaS so important, at this point?

Because the rise of open source programming languages like PHP and rock-solid database engines like MySQL (among others) make it possible for more people than ever to code applications which can be distributed, accessed and used from any “connected” device, as long as they’re properly authentified.

This flips the “software application” model on its head.

ERM, ERP, CRM, SFA, BAM, MRP, WMS and many more are now being offered online using the SaaS model.

A typical SaaS application required that users be properly (and securely) authentified. Then, once logged-in, different levels of “service” are made available so that work can get done… all without the need for more than a simple web browser!

From word processors, spreadsheets, email management and scheduling applications to online video games boasting expansive communities, SaaS is gaining ground so fast that it’s reached the point where being both “online” and “productive” is not only merely possible, it’s the new “standard”.

For an IT strategist looking to lay down a credible agenda towards the development of truly engaging technologies, SaaS means that users can basically access some “core application” from wherever they want, when they want it and with whatever device they prefer.

Thanks to SaaS, the IT side can (finally) focus on what’s important: the application!

As software as a service gains ground over the “software-only” solutions, IT strategists will have to think about the many opportunities that stem from this model since the online realm provides for countless inventive ways to mashup internal data with external “live trends” or, more generally, any other type of data getting generated elsewhere.

Of course, many software-based solutions still work just fine but information management and sharing sure flies online, especially within SaaS application frameworks.

As an IT strategist -but also- as a corporate manager, allow yourself to see SaaS for what it is: a fine technological opportunity to grow your business at a time when the world is moving towards much greater connectedness.

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