Yes we can -vs- what we want

Even though Barack Hussein Obama has won the 2008 US presidential race, ended on November 4th, the land of the brave and home of the free is still going through troubled times.

The “change” and “yes we can” slogans have echoed deep within the hearts of many “Obama-fans” because it means that a single man —a well spoken, 47 years old, black husband and father of two and husband— could actually lead a great nation towards better times.

This message, though, obfuscates the fact that whatever changes are to come, they’ll fit with Obama’s agenda first and the American public next, if it’s even considered, at all.

You see, Obama has voted consistently to wage illegal wars against Irak, Aghanistan, terror and in the process, he’s also been a vibrant promoter for the deeply controversial Patriot Act which strips away all Constitutional Rights to any American citizen who happens to be suspected of “something” by any level of “authority” — the Marshall Law and police state are two concepts that fit perfectly with Obama’s vision of a “perfect” world so even though uninformed voters have bought into the Obama hype, other people are waking up to the fact that “change”, in Obama’s hands, could mean more wars, more laws, more restrictions and basically more heandaches for the honest citizens.

Obama is Wall Street’s favorite — nobody’s questionning that.

In turn, Wall Street has shown to be the epicenter of financial decadence taken to unprescedented heights with wild derivative schemes, completely irresponsible money management practices and ongoing fiscal manœuvering to hide astronomical sums of money in foreign tax havens.

Obama, with his many vague promises for “change” coupled with Wall Street, proud of its proven track record for savagely raping the American economy while laughing in everybody else’s face, could become the nightmarish “team” nobody really hoped for.

If Obama has an idea, that’s nice but if the American public also have an idea and it happens to be different, it should prevail because… it comes from the people!

Simple, right?


It’s unlikely to happen because Obama knows better than to mess with Wall Street’s bankers who control, among other things, the Federal Reserve —a 100% private company— which, in turn, controls the Presidency in a variety of ways, namely the monetary policies which affect EVERYTHING related to money!

So Barack isn’t rural America’s friend.

He isn’t the urban taxpayers’ friend, either.

In fact, he’s the ultimate covert hitman who will obey his masters’ every wish, at the drop of a dime. His predecessors at the White House have started a vicious war against the middle class, free speech and civil liberties and he’s likely been hired to continue down that exact path.

And Obama will mimick Third Reich tactics to gain control over all aspects of the life of his flock of economic slaves, pushing a heavy rock up a never-ending slope, thanks to debt traps, strategic social inequities and the heavy veil of secrecy on everything flavor of information bearing any “true value”.

Yes, the war is on against… the American people!

And it opposes a vicious elite seeking complete control at all costs against the average folks, many of them too deep in the current “social control matrix” to even comprehend what’s going on.

So, why is there a war against common American citizens, in the first place?

Because the “commoners” are still too rich, free and openly opinionated — according to the elite, still sleazing their way up and down Wall Street, creating nothing and abusing anything they touch. America’s middle class “wealth” represents a threat to their current (and future) hegemony. A very small threat indeed but still, too much of a risk for them to take.

So they sent in Obama with a clever disguise: the “change” horse and pony show.

Anything Obama does from this point on will, one way or another, be along the lines of unilateral decisions (seemingly) taken by him and imposed on everyone else but expect that he’ll sugarcoat every single one of his actions will lots of “change is good” superlatives, to further convert those who have stopped applying their own version of common sense to issues where their “messiah from Illinois” appears to have all the answers.

People need to figure this one out (by themselves) before it gets even uglier.

Mind control.

Population control.

It’s all about total CONTROL over everyone… and everything.

The more the average “middle class” Americans buy into “Obama’s dream”, the faster and the deeper they’ll fall into a trap they may never be able to pull themselves out — unless they decide to resort to something radical and unwanted like a civil war against the bankers and their “friends” who have made life such a pointless pursuit for so many with an endless string of wars, lies, deception and profound inequalities that have apparently taken over peace, truth, innocence and a general sense of “good”.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to the will of the people?

How about a slogan like “what we want” instead of Obama’s favorite “yes we can”? Wouldn’t that be closer to the TRUE WILL OF THE PEOPLE who build America with their sweat, tears and blood, on a daily basis?

People in America and elsewhere, around the world, are yearning for “something more”, a common dream of collectively working for everybody’s good instead of unilaterally feeding the rich while getting poorer and poorer, in the process.

Can this vision of a better world ever rise to the point that it can crush the elite’s plan for world domination?

If naive people continue to believe in “a leader” before they believe in themselves, it’s highly unlikely.

However, if more people wake up and break free from the propaganda-injected “big media” information stream to start thinking for themselves instead of buying into the “mainstream lies”, they’ll start asking for what they want instead of accepting a President’s agenda… just because he happens to be “the man in the Oval Office” which, in the end, shouldn’t mean that much since the job should be about obeying the will of the people and not the will of some shady elite.

Keep in mind that Obama doesn’t want you to “think”, he just wants you to chant “yes we can” in some crowded stadium while he basically robs you blind.

So do yourself a favor: think for yourself.

And reclaim your human dignity by demanding “what YOU want”, starting now.

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