Business secrets to… longevity

Secrets to longevityIf you’re looking to enjoy living for as long as you possibly can, perhaps you’ll be interested to hear what these people have to say about human longevity:

  • The Georgian of the Caucasus Mountains (in Southern Russia);
  • The Vilcabamba Indians of the Ecuadorean Andes; and…
  • The people of the Hunza Valley in Kashmir.

All three follow this no nonsense recipe for a long, happy life:

  1. Exercise regularly and consistently;
  2. Don’t use preservatives or artificial colorants;
  3. Eat a frugal diet which is high in fiber, low in salt, fat and refined sugars -plus- rarely fry in oil;
  4. Drink water with a high mineral content, from a well or mountain streams;
  5. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  6. Never experience loneliness;
  7. Practice holistic medicine namely using traditional herbs and medicines to prevent -and- cure disease;
  8. Enjoy regular sex, even up to the venerable age of 99 ; )
  9. Live in extended families since they offer cradle to grave security;
  10. Seldom drink, smoke or otherwise poison yourself;
  11. Live at high altitudes where there is little air pollution;
  12. Respect your elders, especially those who lead busy active lives well into their 90’s;
  13. Emphasize good relationships over the pursuit of wealth or success.

Take a few moments to reflect on these wise words. Succeeding in business will may only bring you short lived joyful moments if the price to pay for such mercantile rewards is a miserable, short span life.

Look for balance in everything you venture into and you’ll see, doors will open more easily when you need them to.

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  1. Most creative people understand the need to take time to do… nothing!

    Newly published research tends to prove a lighter agenda is a winning recipe for outstanding creativity.

    Rich people have always known the importance of delegating the tasks while maintaining all the decision power.

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