Birth of Logixca’s blog

This article is published here to both satisfy your curiosity about Logixca and archiving purposes.

So here you are, joining me to celebrate this nice little moment when our blog is launched into the colossal realm of cyberspace.

Logix Communications of Canada (usually called Logixca, mainly because it’s shorter) helps people establish themselves online.

Wether it’s a web sites, an e-store, a blog, a forum or anything else, it’s our job to facilitate communications between all parties, namely the companies and their customers.

Because we know the web quite well, it only made sense to blog about what we know therefore releasing large chunks of information that “wants to be free”. We’re building up this blog in the spirit of open source and global team building for a better world.

It’s a pleasure to have you here and as the owner of Logixca, I hope you truly enjoy (and participate in) this blog.


Claude Gelinas, Owner
Logixca – Web Development

Tags: logix communications, logixca, logix, web development, blog, open source, php scripts, mysql, team building, comments, opinions

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