Appreciating your inner-self

The more wise words we come across, the faster we can come to realize that life is way more than the “9 to 5 rat race” consumerism would like us to believe it is.

Shop, shop, shop… ’til you drop will -not necessarily- make you happier, in the bigger scheme of things.

Of course, “having enough” will help but the answer to many things in life, for each and everyone of us, comes from those inner-feelings we need to learn from.

The basic rule of thumb states that the more we can rise above our petty desires while lifting ourselves to the greater common good, the more we can come to trust our inner-feelings to be genuine guides of our behavior.

While some may call this intuition, mostly everyone knows this to be “gut feelings” or spontaneous reactions.

The wild thing about inner-feelings is that, in most cases and over time, they prove to be more accurate guides than intellect and logic. Listening more closely to our inner-feelings help us become more comfortable with ourselves and enjoy time alone as a special treat rather than as loneliness.


Even funnier is the tendency of other people to be drawn to you even more as you learn to enjoy your solitude, therefore taking some time to nurture your inner-feelings of well being, balance and peace.

Taking care of your inner-self may even prove to be helpful to fight off bad stress and even depression (the big “d” word).

For all these reasons and so many others, anyone looking to enjoy life a little more may want to learn to appreciate his or her inner-self.

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