Modern companies accept PayPal

If you buy stuff online, you already know that for most transactions, PayPal is the most secure way to e-shop.

Furthermore, if you’re a merchant, you may already be reaping the rewards of installing the now ubiquitous PayPal payment buttons within your web site or online store.

If you’re using PayPal, rest assured you’re not alone at industry heavyweights like ESPN, Virgin Mobile, Apple’s iTunes, Walgreens, McAfee, Guess, Time and Ebay (to name only those) have already fully integrated PayPal’s payment options within their virtual stores. Smart shoppers and merchants can (at last) exchange money more safely than ever, over the web.


PayPal is straightforward, relatively easy and very solid. It’s a payment service you can count, whatever the size of your business.

All merchants who aren’t signed up yet should take a few minutes to open up their own PayPal account especially considering it’s 100% free!

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