An environmental attitude adjustment

Al Gore - Global WarmingIf you can fix a problem, there’s surely someone out there willing to pay to have that problem fixed.

The same applies with huge issues like global warming. Instead of pounding on the Earth protective atmosphere, smart companies should look to fix any kind of environmental problem creatively… and make loads of money doing it.

Al Gore, former US vice president, democratic presidential candidate and also recipient of the 2005 Global Environmental Citizen Award, delivered a solid speech titled “A Changing Business Climate” before an auditorium packed with future business leaders, at Harvard Business School. The event was presented, on December 11th 2006, by the Harvard Business School Leadership and Values Committee.

In short, Gore says that responding to climate change is a moral imperative, but it is also good business. The same goes with a plethora of other environmental challenges. The idea is to save our planet within the capitalist rat race we’ve locked most of the world into.

Gore also added that rethinking manufacturing processes to make them more environmentally friendly would save money while these comprehensive steps are an excellent way to reduce pollution and waste which translate into greater efficiency when using expensive raw materials.

It’s little surprise that this proposed massive structural adjustment of the industrial base as well as every single “business process” attached to it equates to being the greatest source of business opportunity in the history of the world.

The Harvard University Gazette’s Alvin Powell wrote a comprehensive piece on Al Gore’s speech and you’re invited to read it [sorry, the link “” doesn’t work anymore, in december 2019]

Tags: environment, global warming, climate change, al gore, business process, business opportunity, save money, reduce pollution, greater efficiency, capitalist rat race, rethink manufacturing

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