How people in US States are called

It’s common knowledge that people living in Florida are called Floridians and that, on the West Coast, the people living in California are straightforwadly called Californians.

Those two States have made it easy on us but some other ones, like Massachussetts have generally unknown demonyms like Massachusites which merely has a few hundred hits in the Google Search engine!

So in order to help everybody make sense of how people are called in the 50 US States, here’s the updated list, straight from the Wikipedia but with a few adjustments, here and there.

Now, you’ll be able to impress your “Mississippian” friends by merely knowing how they’re called.

State/territory Adjective Demonym
Alabama Alabamian Alabamians
Alaska Alaskan Alaskans
Arizona Arizonan Arizonans
Arkansas Arkansan Arkansans
California Californian Californians
Colorado Coloradan Coloradans, Coloradoans
Connecticut Connecticuters “Nutmeggers”
Delaware Delawarean Delawareans
Florida Floridian Floridians
Georgia Georgian Georgians
Hawaii Hawaiian Hawaiians “Islanders”Hawaiian:“Kamaʻāina” (natives)

“Malihini” (non-natives)

Idaho Idahoan Idahoans
Indiana Hoosier “Hoosiers”
Illinois Illinoisan Illinoisans
Iowa Iowan Iowans “Hawkeyes”
Kansas Kansan Kansans
Kentucky Kentuckian Kentuckians
Louisiana Louisianan Louisianans, Louisianians
Maine Mainers “Down Easters”
Maryland Marylanders Free-Staters“”Old Liners
Massachusetts Bay Staters (official), Massachusites (traditional)
Michigan Michiganders, Michiganians
Minnesota Minnesotan Minnesotans
Mississippi Mississippian Mississippians
Missouri Missourian Missourians
Montana Montanan Montanans
Nebraska Nebraskan Nebraskans
Nevada Nevadan Nevadans
New Hampshire New Hampshirite New Hampshirites
New Jersey New Jerseyans, New Jerseyites
New Mexico New Mexican New Mexicans
New York New Yorkers
North Carolina North Carolinian North Carolinians Tar Heels
North Dakota North Dakotan North Dakotans
Ohio Ohioans “Buckeyes”
Oklahoma Oklahoman Oklahomans “Sooners”
Oregon Oregonian Oregonians
Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Pennsylvanians
Rhode Island Rhode Islanders
South Carolina South Carolinian South Carolinians
South Dakota South Dakotan South Dakotans
Tennessee Tennessean Tennessean, volunteers
Texas Texan Texans
Utah Utahn, Utahan Utahns, Utahans
Vermont Vermonters
Virginia Virginian Virginians
Washington Washingtonian Washingtonians
West Virginia West Virginian West Virginians
Wisconsin Wisconsinites
Wyoming Wyomes

US Constitution

Most of these names come from way back so if you do some research on them, you’re sure to learn a thing or two as to how they came about.

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